Più Design is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to create innovative designs. In order to obtain a novel and fascinating product,which satisfies the needs and expectations of our clients, Piu Design uses a mixture of exotic materials such as Cattle Bone, Cattle Horn,Tortuno,Chonta,Bamboo and Coconut Shell. Piu Design is focused on setting the highest standards not only with our clients but with the market in general by providing unique and exclusive modern Avant Garde furniture and accessories.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction Piu Design has been managed by enterprising professionals who have through time have grown in their designs. Employing only top profesional allows Piu Design to incorporate its products with the current tendencies that are currently being used in the top markets of the furniture industry. 
All personnel at Piu Design are extremely qualified professionals with the primary priority being the satisfaction of the needs and desires of our clients.

At Piu Design we elaborate and create natural veneers that once they are put under an arduous and long process are then converted into pieces of exclusive and natural beauties. This process allows the creation of diverse and varied ambiances. Only Spanish and Italian lacquers are used in the elaborate process which enables Piu Design to offer our clients a product that is resistant to not only scratches but dents as well. Piu Design handles veneers in exotic materials like Cattle Horn, Coconut Shell (tropical fruit), Tortuno, (fruit), Bamboo (tropical plant), Cattle Bone (similar to ivory), both White and Black Chota (palm wood) and Parchment (goat skin). All of the natural materials used are recycled with out disturbing the natural fauna and nature, preserving and respecting the environment. 
These materials are meticulously treated to elaborate a high quality of finished product resulting in a work of art with unique beauty. 
As manufactures Piu Design guarantees a limitless variety of designs with natural finishes, as well as the lasting durability of our products. 
Piu Design main focus is to produce the most contemporary and ergonomically functional furniture for current lifestyles.

All products that Piu Design manufactures 
are made with the highest quality possible while remaining to be an eco friendly company. We believe in respecting the environment in which we live and fulfilling the concepts of social responsibility.